Our company has adopted of the principle on innovative technologies. All works done in conjunction with future technologies which can contribute to Turkish economy.

Ermaksan’s leading innovation technologies are supported by highly educated expert engineers.

In the process of the professional development and responsibility on the way of the success for young people, all supports are provided by all our capabilities.

Ermaksan initiates 8-10 biggest R&D projects every year by investing to improve the ability of produced machines, meeting demands of the market, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing foreign dependency in machinery. Majority of the personals in research and development department is comprised electrics, electronics and physics of the 80 engineers.

Team of consultants from various universities work with Ermaksan for revealing each project and planning to meet demands on exterior projects after receiving Ministry of Industry approved R&D center registration certificate. The first linear drive flying optic laser cutting machine was produced by Ermaksan in Turkey and in order to sustain the achievements not only in our country throughout the world industrial requirements.

Over the 18th patent registered and utility model applied R&D center sustains as patent-oriented its R&D activities. Database on patents and scientific publications are investigated before starting to R&D project aimed to take it out on the point reached.