Career Days 2012

Carried out with main sponsor Ermaksan

Uludağ University Engineering and Architecture Faculty settled "Career Days 2012" which paved the way for students to come together with business life. Sponsors and other participating firms kindly accepted the job applications of senior students during the event that took place at Faik Çelik Automotive Engineering Department Conference Hall between 9-10 May 2012.

Career Days 2012 main sponsor Ermaksan, who is contributing to the import-export balance of the country with selling sheet metal manufacturing machinery to developed countries since 1965, had one of the stands that attracted a lot of interest.

Fresh meat for Production and R&D from university

Ermaksan, with 75 R&D specialists, is getting ready to be an R&D center after applying to ministry of industry. Ermaksan helped to enlighten newly graduates and other youngsters on real business life and career. As part of the Career Days event, Ermaksan interviewed with candidates in an effort to feed the R&D and production of the industry with fresh meat.

Ermaksan Chairman Erol Özkayan's speech to all participants was read at the conference during the event. Özkayan underscored the importance of export-import balance and pointed the need for productive individuals.

University and industry must communicate

"Productive person is efficient person" was a highlight in Özkayan's speech while emphasizing the importance of communication between industries and universities. Erol Özkayan ascertained that "university and industry must be excessively in touch with each other" while referring to the thesis studies at undergraduate and graduate schools and expected them to be more related with real industrial problem solutions and anticipated developments.